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Wisp® Optic White®

Want fresh breath before a date? Desperate to get that coffee taste out of your mouth? Whatever your fresh breath emergency, Wisp® Optic White® Mini-Brush is your go-to disposable toothbrush when you're on the go.

WISP® mini-brush freshens and whitens teeth by removing surface stains. And get this, you don't need water and you never have to rinse.

Just keep a stash of disposable WISP® mini-brushes in your purse or at your desk and get ready to show off your brighter smile.


How does Wisp® Plus Whitening help whiten teeth?

Check out what people are saying about Optic White®!
Check out what people are saying about Optic White®!
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Use Together For
Whiter Teeth In
1 Day*

* Use Mouthwash prior to Optic White® Whitening Pen. For best results, continue routine as directed.

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Want even more whitening?

Try our Optic White® whitening trays. Talk to your dentist for info.